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gallitoAPI Documentation & Simulation

Getting Started


need to create a custom categories tuned to your domain?

GallitoAPI is an application that receives texts and analyses them in various ways

  • Its processes are mainly based on probabilistic techniques (n-dimensional spaces, stochastic models of language, information theory techniques, etc.),although it also has rule-based mechanisms.
  • It is idiosyncratic. Even though GallitoAPI has pre-built generalist domains that can work efficiently, ideally, you should adapt it to your domain
  • You don't need a lot of time or human resources to get GallitoAPI ready to work. You don't need to define domain ontologies or even label texts.
  • Place it in your back-end. GallitoAPI is basically a set of online SOAP/REST services hosted, ready to answer third-party system requests fast

Create an API farm

GallitoAPI can also be cloned, creating a GallitoAPI farm, in such a way that, for example, each API has a specific domain or specific settings, in order to cover different tasks and requirements


  • Facility to customize to match your theme or categorization references
  • Makes it possible to focus the analysis on those concepts to then "judge" any text on that reference.
  • zoom effect into selected concepts
  • Easy install; 100% integration
  • Many potential scenarios: heuristic crawlers, automatic academic essay assesment (content, coherence, use of vocabulary, style, etc), classify, summarise, highlight,social media, website navigation, voice recognition software (ASR) or OCR systems decisions, call-routing.
  • All the power and flexibility of SOAP and REST


One GallitoAPI and Gallito Studio license free for personal and commercial projects. Ask for more information in info@semantialab.es


GallitoAPI is maintained by Semantia Lab, a technology-based company specializing in natural language processing (NLP) created with the academic and institutional support of the Universidad Nacional de Educaci├│n a Distancia (UNED).